LEGIND Studio announces new film in pre - production

May 16, 2020

Phoenix, AZ - DNA Filmworks/LEGIND Studios announced today that their next film project will be New World Order - Dark Prince Saga. The action/thriller film is currently in pre-production. Filming will take place in Arizona from November through December 2020 over the span of 45 days. The expected release date is Fall 2021.

LEGIND Studios takes pride in championing character-driven, original story content that sheds
light on the human condition and emotionally resonates, with the ultimate goal of changing lives. LEGIND Studios abhors the contrived, predictable and uninteresting, with a consortium of professionals who keep climbing the ladder of excellence.

The studio has several other films coming soon, including David, 7 Years, Sleeper and The Pastor. They are also about to launch a new website.